Eldon Ningel Nim

Gnomish thug that lost everything to his crime family


Nim grew up in a large and sprawling gnome cave system. He enjoyed it as much as he could in his boring noneventful world. He grew bored of his small and dark caves. He would often be found brawling in the alleys with some of the more rough gnomes. He eventually joined a gang and began his career of being a bruiser. He would be the enforcer of all of the big events the gang had going on. Eventually, his infamy became so large he was becoming requested by larger and larger groups of villainy and evil. He eventually took a job as a bodyguard of a relatively evil wizard. Some people may think of him as pure evil but he liked his charismatic and easy going lifestyle. As he protected him his wonder in the world of wizardry grew. He began to ask questions of the wizards’ origins and his power of magic. The wizard then began to teach him small magic tricks such as pulling small rodents from large hats. Or making small sparks of fire shoot from his hands. The tricks kept him amused enough while he was protecting the wizard. Eventually, his contract with the wizard ended and he went on his way. But just as he was leaving the wizard told him of a large magic temple where he could learn even more and gain powers he couldn’t imagine. He thanked the wizard but told him his life of fighting and of gangs was all he needed.

The years past and he was still enjoying his life as a fighting, brawling and generally being a thug until one day his gang turned on him and he was forced to run from his home gnome town.

He had nowhere to go and no one to trust. Until he remembered what the old evil wizard told him. He decided to travel there and see what it was all about.

When he arrived he was greeted by an empty hall with no one to be found.

Since he was alone he decided to make this his temporary home. He found some rooms and created his new home.

Eldon Ningel Nim

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