Gnome artificer


Travadel was always fascinated by the heroes of old. This was partially due to his fairly tolerant parents, who encouraged him not to fear humans, and that there was value in embracing history.

This fascination continued to grow as Travadel approached his teenage years. He could often be found exploring ruins from the age of humans. Over the course of these exploits, he uncovered many artifacts and trinkets: some magical, some technological, and yet others completely purposeless or just aesthetic.

Travadel would cross reference these trinkets with the stories he had heard, and would occasionally come up with new far-fetched explanations for their origins and usage, which he would convince himself MUST be true. Travadel, being the optimist that he is, began weaving together an elaborate tapestry of myth, making many naive assumptions about ages gone by, and coming up with stories about the highly magical and noble exploits of the adventurers of old.

Travadel came to see the world as much more magical and also much more black and white than it actually was. He soon took to telling his tales to anyone who would listen, although few were dumb enough to believe him.

Travadel also began to deconstruct many of the gadgets and artifacts he found, making use of his gnomish craftmanship to come to an understanding of how they worked. Eventually, he learned to work the functionality of these items into his own inventions.


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