Vax'alireth Tyrnea-neldth

Elven rogue that was forced to study the ways of a wizard.


Adolescent Years

Being confined to his family residents for the majority of his adolescent years, Vax wanted more out of his life than to follow in his parent’s footsteps. Ever since his parents returned home from the war and took Vax back into their care they have forced him to study the arcane magic, after all, it was the tradition in for a Tyrnea-neldth. The only problem was Vax already started taking after his distinct relatives and took up learning their family ways of swords and daggers, stealth and poisons, and enjoyed it a lot more than shooting fireballs from afar.

This didn’t mean Vax didn’t see the benefits of magic, it just meant he used it more to supplement his reckless, close ranged fighting style he developed. Much to the dislike of his parents. Wishing their son would just follow in the line of his ancestors and become a wizard for their elven kingdom, they forced him to study their ways and hoped he would snap to his senses. All this did was drive him and his parents farther apart, as he kept learning new ways to aid himself in close ranged fighting and drifted farther away from what they envisioned as the correct way to use arcane magic.

Finally claiming adulthood and receiving his full name of Vax’alireth or the arcane shadow, Vax decided to leave his home, go explore the rest of the world and maybe find others that see the use of magic in the same way as himself. Where he hopes he can learn more about how the world came to, and maybe discover something new about the ancient human civilizations he has read so much about in all his years of study.

Early Adulthood

Early on in Vax’alireth’s travel he came across Fe’lyxnaer, a wood elf master of the cat style of bladesinging and agreed to train him in the art. Eventually, the two learned of the Cat’s Fang, a legendary weapon lost during the fall of man many moons ago. Rumours say that this blade was handcrafted by dwarven weaponsmiths to perfectly suit a Cat-style Bladesinger, making the wielder appear to have 9 lives in the eyes of his enemies.

While Fe’lyxnaer and Vax’alireth were exploring the City-state ruins of Ri’ttar they were ambushed by Gunnar Borgrimsson and the wild boar clan. Taken by surprise Fe’lyxnaer did what any true master would do, he held off the bloodthirsty humans for as long as he could so Vax’alireth could make his escape. Not knowing if his master is dead or not, Vax’alireth swears vengeance on Gunnar and his clan of humans.

Soon after his escape, Vax’alireth came across Travadel, a Gnomish Artificer who was exploring the ancient ruins and an unlikely friendship blossomed.

Vax'alireth Tyrnea-neldth

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