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Government: (WIP) Authoritarian
Ruler: Grand Leader Thoradin Karn

A major City-state in the desert.


Government: Crowned Republic or Timocracy or Geniocracy
Ruler: (WIP) Run by council, upon which the king sits.

The home of the Elven Undying Court.


Government Type: Geniocracy or Technocracy
Ruler: Elected Council

Rumour has it this City-state has allied with an ancient dragon. Some say it was even resurrected, some say it is a Shadow Dragon from deep below the earth.

Nearby Geography

The Spine of the World mountain range heads east and west of Norrimar.

The mountains listed from west to east:

  • Trihorn Mt
  • Twin Peaks
  • Grimtooth Mt
  • Rainwall Mt
    • To the west is a pass either called Weather’s Mercy or Orcrun Pass
  • Wetrun Mt
    • Has a path that climbs up and down the mountain. Treacherous weather often hits but shorter distance than the western pass makes it an appealing option. Especially if there are orcs or the like nearby.
  • Dullpeak Mt
  • Shieldmount
  • Razorpeaks


Government: Monarchy
Ruler: ?
Primary Religion: ?

Thysserin is a major elven city that is split into 5 districts. Four of these districts has a house that embodies what their main views and values are, while the last one is the common area where elves that don’t believe wholeheartedly in a district’s views reside.

More to come!


Government: Theocratic Monarchy
Primary Religion: The Voice of the Wild

A City-state in the forest.


Government: Uniocracy
Ruler: All

The illithids came from somewhere else, we do not know much about them. What we do know is that they are a collective and are willing to do trade with us on occasion. What we wish to know is what they want…


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