The Anger of a Gentle Man

Day 30-33

Day 30 Mid afternoon

Rescue the Ironhammers, who were trapped dwarven miners

Orcs leave and are grateful.

Investigated the ancient human cult temple. The shiny black glass alcove tried to make the viewer go insane and those who prevailed were rewarded with gems and the potential of insanity.

Nim was made insane. Hikari got a giant gem. Black with swirling purple. Cendis a bright purple gem.

Day 31-32 travel to haven (dwarves slow party a bit)

Day 32 afternoon
The Ironhammers will make the party items back in Karn and asked for money to travel back there.
In the night Cendis flees for reasons unknown. He takes Velbinex’s cloak and leaves items for Nim.

Day 33 plan on leaving through the mountain path

NEXT TIME: prep and leaving.


Dark_James Dark_James

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