The Anger of a Gentle Man

Days 12-28

Sphinxes and Giants, and wolves, oh my!

Day 12-16

Travel to the Red Sands. Pass giant skeletons of ancient sand worms.
Find temple and ruined town in a rocky desert bowl.

Trick Sphinx, fight armour, find portal, get books from human times. Learn that it is the Temple of Githyara, saviour of this area.

Finish with temple. Get magical page from Zook and head back to town for when Zook will be done.

Day 16/17 Prep for travel. Find out that Zook could get the party to Stygia or at least the Nine Hells. Or they could use the portal they just found.

Alternatively, instead of risking travelling through 4 layers of Hell Zook found that Berroven true name exists in a physical form in this plane. he has located two of the 3 parts that Karn once used to harness Berroven’s power.

One is to the North and is guarded by Icingdeath, a white dragon. It lies past the icy gorge known as Hell’s Maw. The only way across which is using the rickety bridge called Death’s Gambit.

The second is to the South, somewhere near Norrimar or Thysserin.

They decide to head south, so Zook gives another stone so he can tell them once his research on the exact location is done.

DAY 17

The party heads south on Day 17

It takes a week to reach Haven, just south of the Karnnish lands. The party follows the land upward to top of the cliffs through Darkepass.

Day 24
At Haven, they reunite with Hikari, as he had come to Haven to fulfill some duties as a paladin of Torm.

The lands nearby are good lands for growing beets so Torm woshippers and farmers get along quite well here.

However, lands to the south had been raided by giants as of late. The Raven Keeper of Haven’s temple received word that a wealthy merchant had lost enough goods they were putting out a request for help to defend the trade road. To encourage help, they put a bounty on the heads of the Hill Giants in the area.

The party has taken on this quest and headed South to the giants’ stronghold. Torm followers had luckily mapped out exactly where it was.

Day 25-28 Travel to the Giants.

Days 28

Fighting giants and wolves. Travadel is badly wounded and will need to head back to town. This fight has made him reconsider adventuring as a lifestyle. Tekalo has also come to get the bounty but is working alongside the party.

After killing the chief the party regroups, barricades the doors and tries to rest for the evening. Unsure of what other creatures may be lurking within the walls of the stronghold. Unfortunately a Cloud Giant escaped, its whereabouts unknown.

Rested for the night.


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