Half-Elf paladin whose life is devoted to protecting the innocent in the name of Torm


“Father, I write to you to tell you I won’t be returning home. I had become jaded and filled with hate ever since the damned followers of Shar descended on our village and murdered Kaia. The world has seemed empty and filled with nothing but darkness and horror since that dreadful day. Fear not though – I have found solace and refuge at the temple of Torm. The followers of this deity pledge themselves to be courageous and sacrifice for those in need, something I failed to do when my beloved needed me the most. For this, I have committed life to following the ways of Torm, helping those in need as I journey through this land. One day, I will have vengeance against Shar and her followers. I pray that the next time we meet, I am whole again and my thirst for vengeance has been sated. Until then, I wish you and mother the best.”

- Hikari


The Anger of a Gentle Man Dark_James Wadelol