The Anger of a Gentle Man

Welcome to Karn

Day 1

  • Travel to Karn
  • Investigate Rumours
  • Find inns to stay at
Day 2

Day 2

  • Vax leaves to scout out the Red Sands that are spoken of in town
  • Looking for wealthy bandits
  • Travel south-east to Lord Fezbin’s
  • Travel along Southern Road, come across Lord Garrett Hilltopple and his retinue
  • Continue south to inn
Day 3 - Back in Karn

Day 3

  • Talk with innkeeper
  • Return back to Karn
  • Talk to guards
  • Stay at Refresh Ermine
  • Investigate patrons
  • A shout in the night.
Day 4 - ???

Something happened, don’t have notes. Talking to the Hilltopple’s men to investigate or something?

Day 5
  • Investigation
  • Cendis and the Vault
Day 6
  • Go to Karn/Norrimar meeting to discuss trade route
  • Get info during meeting
  • Find out Shi’darra has trade with Karn already. Perhaps worried about competition?
  • Nim buys Wavecutter from weapon merchant
  • Hikari does some good deeds
  • Find plans
Day 7
  • Explore industrial district and slums. Looking for entrance to sewers to hopefully find the teleportation circles from old city.
  • Twinbeard is friendly to Vax. Has tunnel to sewers, one way which includes a mysterious door
  • Go kill dwarf mage and rust monster
  • Hikari works on converting pair of gnomes
  • Enter gates of Old City (Tabuk)
  • Rest after that
Day 8
  • Find icy crystal in center of Tabuk, the sunken city/undercity
  • Find secret hold in palace with treasures (magic items, gold, a journal)
  • Nim finds a Gnomish Driftglobe
  • Melt icy crystal and uncover Anratu
  • Nim and Hikari TP to temple, Anratu can’t due to dimensional shackle, party is split.

What will they do? How will they meet up? Will Anratu be an ally or an enemy?


The party discovers that Anratu was unable to teleport due to his dimensional shackles. These were placed upon him by Berroven, the Ice Devil. Berroven is a devil from the 5th layer of the Nine Hells. The 5th layer is Stygia, a realm of ice.

The party finds some books, and talks to a librarian.

  • Go to the Wizards’ Guild and ask for Zook, the planar fellow of the guild.
  • TP to the temple and back
  • Zook is prepared to do research about Berroven and how to either get to Stygia or how to get the Ice Devil to come to them.

Anratu meanders the city learning about what has changed. When the party retruns to Tabuk town square he is not to be found (this is around dinner time)

Day 9 and 10

Day 9

  • Retrieve polar bear. Leave pamphlet at Tabuk circle.
  • Travel south to a tavern. Cendis wishes to investigate a temple he’s heard of.
  • Others update Everspeak on the happenigns w/Zook and the temple. Zook’s work will take a week so they leave.

Day 10

  • The party encounters the great cliffs to the south of Karn. These cliffs mark the end of Karnnish control
  • Find a small oasis. Find basilisks nearby and kill them. Hikari is almost turned to stone.
  • Other party members catch up at this time
Day 11

Day 11

  • Find the chapel at the top of the cliff. It has a great statue of the Flamebringer on top of it. This statue points to the temple
  • Go to temple. The temple is covered with dry coral and algae. Magic does not work in it.
  • Find stuff in temple. Flame brooch, Dragon & Human copper statues, etc.
  • There’s a windstorm
  • In the basement the party finds and disarms a strange, mechanical cube that seems to be creating an anti-magic field.
  • The circle in the temple is also damaged, a great crack cuts it in half, and it looks like it was no accident.

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