City of Thysserin


The City of Thysserin is a major city-state nestled in the forest, on the coast of <insert name="true">.

The City of Thysserin takes its name from the surrounding region/forest, which is named Thysserin.

Spit into 5 districts, the City of Thysserin displays its history of noble houses. Thysserin was settled by elves, and is predominately populated by them. However, one will still find inhabitants of other races. Often clustered in groups as ‘foreigners’. These other races taking the name of the house they join is rare, but there are some.

Districts of Thysserin

Institute of War – House Dryear-lylth

House of the Arcande – House Tyrnea-neldth

Sanctuary of Nature – House Baequi-undlin

Shadow’s Terrace – Houses Dwin’dlues and Dwin’lylth

City of Thysserin

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