To help with all the Government types:



Government: (WIP) Authoritarian
Ruler: Grand Leader Thoradin Karn

A major City-state in the desert.


Government: Crowned Republic or Timocracy or Geniocracy
Ruler: (WIP) Run by council, upon which the king sits.

The home of the Elven Undying Court.


Government Type: Geniocracy or Technocracy
Ruler: Elected Council

Rumour has it this City-state has allied with an ancient dragon. Some say it was even resurrected, some say it is a Shadow Dragon from deep below the earth.


Government: Monarchy
Ruler: ?
Primary Religion: ?

Thysserin is a major elven city that is split into 5 districts. Four of these districts has a house that embodies what their main views and values are, while the last one is the common area where elves that don’t believe wholeheartedly in a district’s views reside.

More to come!


Government: Theocratic Monarchy
Primary Religion: The Voice of the Wild

A City-state in the forest.


Government: Uniocracy
Ruler: All

The illithids came from somewhere else, we do not know much about them. What we do know is that they are a collective and are willing to do trade with us on occasion. What we wish to know is what they want…


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